Chimney Guys all started as a dream inside the head of Matt Spurger when he was young. As a kid he would go out and help his uncle who started two of the largest chimney companies in Oregon. At age 14 he learned a lot about building chimneys with his father when he began hodd carrying, working hard bringing bricks up and down and mixing mortar. By age 18 Matt hodd carried full time, and by age 21 was certified to set up scaffolding when he became a lead mason for a few years.

After that Matt wanted to keep progressing so he switched and got into specializing in upscale masonry for a couple years; however because of his love for chimneys he couldn’t stay away for long and went back to working on and building chimneys again, and flu by flu got closer and closer to his dream of one day starting his own business. Then on May 20th 2014 he made his dreams come true with Chimney Guys LLC.

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