Chimney Repair- Here in the northwest our chimneys get exposed to all different whether situations. It is safe to say it is a must for your whole home to make sure your chimney is properly sealed and being kept from deteriorating . Example: In the winter brick and mortar is exposed to cold wet temperatures.

When the temperature really drops that moisture freezes and expands which over time will leave cracks in your chimney. Your chimney is also made of cast iron and flu tiles that can also rust out or freeze due to whether and start breaking down your chimney. Your chimney is connected to the rest of your home and its important to make sure your chimney is properly put together and sealed from the weather here in Oregon.

Chimney Repair includes but is not limited to: Crown repair, tuckpointing, flashing, crown coats, water sealant etc. Are you having leaks or water issues from your chimney? Call us today and wed be glad to come take a look!

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